PDX Cookie Company began in 2018 when our owner and founder Eva was requested to create a Fruity Pebble flavored cookie for a local bodybuilding show (Portland Classic) and her friend's Pro Debut. After one messed up batch one large tantrum, and one more Safeway trip, she had the perfect cookie! The entire batch was gone within a couple hours, both competitors and spectators raving about them and asking where they could buy them.  After tasting this unique fruity pebble concoction, many people at the show began requesting Eva to bake other crazy cookie creations. For months following the show, Eva found herself selling cookies from her small apartment. It was that August of 2018 that she set out to officially create PDX Cookie Co. The original name was going to be Custom Cookie Creations because at the time she was only doing custom cookie flavors. Luckily (later on), it just so happened to be taken, so her boyfriend suggested PDX Cookie Co. A few months after starting, the custom side because just one small slice of the menu! Everything from cookie packs, rotating seasonal flavors, edible cookie dough, bars, sandwiches, etc… cookie crazy! Business was booming and cookies were growing in both variety and size. After a year of business out of a small apartment, she invested in a space in Montavilla, Portland! After layers of pink and blue paint, and a wall of cookie monster customers, our storefront “shop” was born! Where cravings are welcomed, no creation is impossible, and getting baked in the heart of PDX is a must!