Where did the 4-8-12 packs go??

We decided that since this business is about creativity and freedom, we can't box y'all in! So now you can order as many or as few as you'd like!

Why is shipping $17 for one cookie?

Our shipping cost is by bracket - the most we can ship for the cheapest price. All shipping is 2-3 day priority mail, shipping cost for 1-6 cookies is $12, 7-12 is $15, 13-24 is $20, 25+ cookies is $25. So you can get one for $17, 4 for $31, or 6 for $42! 

Is there a bulk order discount?

Similar to the previous packs, if you buy a dozen the 12th one is free. 


I want this flavor from your IG but I don't see it?

Each week we have a different theme and flavors that correspond with that theme. Flavors may come back for repeat themes (e.g PB Oreo for PB & Oreo week) but once a flavor is sold out there is no guarantee it'll come back. So if one is calling your name - don't hesitate!

I liked the old layout better!

We understand that it was nice to be able to order any cookie flavors 24/7 but please remember that we are a very small family and were getting back ordered. We're working 7 days a week to get as many cookies made as we can but this way we'll be able to get them out faster since they're stocked by quantity and bring back requested flavors more often! No system is perfect but hopefully we'll be able to increase how many cookies we can drop each week!