Made-to-Order Custom Cookies!

Commonly Asked Questions

How much does a batch of cookies cost?

$30 per batch + 

$12 for shipping 1 batch

$15 for shipping 2 batches

$25 for shipping 3 batches

How many cookies in a batch?

8-9 for XL size

11-12 for regular size

How many different kinds of cookies can be in a batch?

Custom batches are single type - our variety packs have multiple to try!

Is there anyway to have more than one type of cookie?

Yes - we do offer prechosen variety treat packs that have 6 different types of cookies in them! Check the tab for details!

So you're saying I can't create 12 different custom cookies?

I'm a human with two hands, not a machine.

Can you make Gluten Free Cookies?

We can make gluten free peanut butter cookies loaded up with all your favorite GF mix ins.

Can you make Vegan Cookies?


Can you make low calorie/low carb/low sugar/low fat cookies?

Absolutely not.

I want something that isn't in your mix in library, can I have that in my cookies?

If we can find it, you can have it!

How long does it take for me to get my order?

Custom Cookie turn around time is 3-7 days, shipping is 2-3 priority mail. Variety Pack time varies Shipping info is sent to your email once the package is out so please check for when the cookies are arriving, I can't be responsible for them melting if they're left on the porch for hours

Tracking says my package is delayed - what do I do?

I understand that they're perishable which is why I ship them as soon as they're baked. Unfortunately I have no control over what the post office does. Once they're out of my hands all I have is the same tracking so if there are circumstances and delays with shipping we are not responsible if the treats melt or become stale. We are also not responsible for how the postal service handles the them, that can be taken up with them however if the flaw is on our end please let us know so we can resolve it.

How do you take payment?

Paypal or Venmo

Where do you ship to?

Anywhere in the USA (Alaska and Hawaii included)

I have the self control of a God and haven't eaten all of my cookies in one sitting. What do I do with them?

Our cookies have a shelf life of about 7-10 days, and they're best kept in the freezer for 2 months . You can take them out the night before you want them to bring them up to room temp, put them in the microwave for a few seconds.. ORRR be adventurous and try them frozen! Take them out for 30-45 minutes if you can wait and enjoy a cold treat!

What is your favorite cookie you've ever made?

My personal favorites are the Better Than Sex, Nicole's Pro Cookie, and Dirty Snowballs!

Can I order cookies in advance for a special event?
Custom Cookie Creations can be ordered in advance, just put the date you want them under special requests! Variety Packs cannot be selected around a date due to popularity. They are made in the order received and turn around time depends on how many orders we have so I recommend ordering early and freezing them until you're ready to enjoy :)